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In diesem informativen und umfassenden Artikel “Niebel und die Indianer”, erschienen am 20.6.2011 in der Zeit, kann man sich ein umfassendes Bild über die aktuelle deutsche Entwicklungspolitik machen. Wer nach dieser Lektüre das Gefühl hat, es ist Zeit etwas zu tun, dem sei die Online-Petition mit einem offenen Brief an Bundesminister Niebel ans Herz gelegt. Vielen Dank an ZooPal.org für diese Petition!

Sign the online petition for Germany’s financial participation in the Yasuni-ITT initiative!

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Immer wieder taucht die Frage auf, was neben finanzieller Hilfe noch getan werden kann, um die Yasuni-Initiative zu unterstützen. Was JEDE/R von uns ganz einfach tun kann, ist es, ein Email an den Umweltminister zu schicken und die österreichische Politik an ihre Verantwortung für eine lebenswerte Welt zu erinnern. Folgenden Text bieten wir an, er kann natürlich gerne abgeändert werden:

An: buero.berlakovich@lebensministerium.at
Betreff: Yasuni-ITT Initiative “Lasst das Öl im Boden”

Sehr geehrter Herr Bundesminister Berlakovich,

als österreichische/r Staatsbürger/in bitte ich Sie, den Vorschlag Ecuador’s “Lasst das Öl im Boden” sowie die dazugehörige YASUNI-ITT Initiative zu unterstützen. Österreich kann sich mit der Unterstützung dieses Vorschlags als nachhaltig denkende und zukunftsorientierte Nation erweisen. Da Österreich ohnehin teure CO2-Zertifikate zukaufen muss, können wir doch unser Steuergeld dieser bahnbrechenden Idee zugute kommen lassen.

In der Dokumentation “Yasuni – two seconds of life” (Ecuador/Österreich/USA) sieht man deutlich, welche verheerenden Auswirkungen weitere Bohrungen im Yasuni-Amazonas-Gebiet hätten.

Ecuador hat bereits umgedacht, Österreich kann dies auch tun.

Mit herzlichen, umweltbewussten Grüßen

Wir danken allen Unterstützern aus ganzem Herzen!

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Lisa Stern und Eric Spitzer-Marlyn freuten sich über zahlreiche interessierte Kinobesucher bei den Screenings in Horn, St. Pölten und bei der Schulkino-Vorführung in Wien. Ein besonderes Danke gilt allen, die unser Projekt auch finanziell unterstützt haben!

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We are very happy about the outcome of the crowdfunding and want to say THANK YOU! It was a very interesting experience for us and we are overwhelmed with the great help we got from so many people who were spreading our message. The positive feedback we received from so many of you who have seen the film and/or who know the Yasuni-ITT initiative kept us going – thank you so much!

Although the crowdfunding is over, we still welcome any support you can offer. We will inform you asap about how to donate to our project. And of course every spreading of the information is of invaluable help for us to get the film out into the world to a cinema near everyone of you.

And now it’s time to enjoy the beautiful impressions of the Yasuni rainforest – HAPPY EARTH DAY to all of you!

birds in Yasuni rainforest

sunset in the Yasuni rainforest

Yasuni rainforest

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Great news: Yasuni – two seconds of life will be released in Austria and Ecuador on April 29, 2011! We are very happy about this! In Quito, there will be a pre-release screening on April 26, more details will be online soon.

And because of the great interest in our documentary at the Environmental Film Festival in Washington DC, there will be a second screening on April 7! It takes place at the Ecuadorian Embassy in Washington, 2535 15th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009. To reserve your tickets, send an email to cultural@ecuador.org

To see all upcoming and past screenings, please go to our screenings section.

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crew ©YasuniMovie

Our crew filming in the rainforest

This first article shall provide some background information on our film project and explain what this blog will be about. So first of all, „Yasuní – two seconds of life“ is a documentary which gives insight into a very special and unique proposal: to leave the oil in the ground.

But first things first: the Yasuní national park is situated in Ecuador and one of the world’s most biodiverse places (you can find some more detailed information here and I will provide you with figures and more information soon.). It is also home to indigenous peoples, some of which still live in voluntary isolation, far away from the civilized world. But Yasuní also holds large oil reserves. And that’s where the whole story starts: since Ecuador is largly dependent on its oil exports, it would be the easiest way to just drill and sell the oil. But, of course, it’s not that easy. A lot of people in Ecuador are standing up against the destruction that has been caused by oil companies over the past decades. International scientists have proved that Yasuní national park contains more species in one hectar than the whole area of the United States. And people all over the world realize that it is high time to move away from fossile fuels towards green energies. In 2007, Ecuador’s president offered the world to induce this change. And his unique offer still holds till the end of 2011: if the world pays half of the value of the oil found in Yasuní, President Correa will not allow oil companies to drill there. Instead, the money that will be administered by a UN trust fund, will be invested in the development of sustainable energies as well as the protection of the Yasuní national park and the indigenous peoples.

soundcheck ©YasuniMovie

Eric Spitzer-Marlyn is assuring the best sound possible.

So that’s the background story and that’s where Leonardo Wild and his crew jump in: they felt like they have to let the world know, that there is an amazing opportunity to usher in the post-fossile era! That’s why they made this documentary and let lots of different people have a say (scientists, politicians, representatives of oil companies, etc.), so that everyone can get the whole picture. The documentary is now ready and we are preparing its worldwide promotion, but we are still in need of funding. So, if you’re interested in this movie, please stay tuned and maybe even spread the word – and if you feel like you want to support us in any way, feel free to contact us.

This blog will keep you updated on how our project is evolving and we will give you more detailed information on the Yasuní national park, its indigenous peoples and current developments concerning Ecuador’s proposal. Feel free to comment and discuss what we are presenting here.

You can also find us on youtube, facebook and twitter.

Thanks for stopping by, we’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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